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by | Jul 10, 2024 | Lifestyle


In the radiant arms of the Peloponnese, in the coastal town of Kardamyli / Mani,  an estate of exquisite charm and historical significance awaits you.  The Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House, built in the 1960s, is absolutely in line with Greece’s allure, blending the magnificent natural beauty with the cultural heritage in a way that captivates your soul.  Sir Patrick’s affinity for Greece is soaked into every stone and garden path.

Awarded for its architectural and historical significance, this wonderful property was donated to the Benaki Museum in 1996 by Sir Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor. Their vision was for the house to serve as an escape for intellectuals and scholars seeking an inspired setting to assist  in the flow of their work and studies.

Imagine a sanctuary where ancient olive and cypress trees stand sentinel over cascading white oleanders and vibrant wildflowers, gently leading down to the glistening sea. Here, amidst this breathtaking landscape, three elegant stone buildings reside in tranquil harmony. The Main House, with its L-shaped design and two stories, offers three luxurious suites, a spacious living room, and a sheltered walkway that reveals sweeping views of the lush gardens.

Adjacent to the Main House, the Traditional House stands as Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor’s former studio—a place where the celebrated writer found solace and inspiration. This stone sanctuary, characterized by a flat roof and pergola, exudes scholarly tranquility. Within, a spacious study area invites guests to connect with their thoughts and creativity, echoing the spirit of its esteemed former resident. The nearby Guest House offers an intimate retreat with its own sitting room and private amenities, promising seclusion and comfort amidst the serene surroundings.

Staying at the Leigh Fermor House transcends ordinary accommodation, offering a blend of luxury and personalized service. A dedicated villa manager ensures every aspect of your stay is catered to, while bespoke activities—ranging from private beach visits to chef-prepared meals amidst the garden’s fragrant blooms—invite exploration and relaxation in equal measure.

The Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House is not just another rental property; it is a exploration into Greece and all of its uniqueness.  If you are an academic enthusiast seeking inspiration, a lover of history, or just a simple traveler in search of an amazing retreat, this iconic estate offers an unequaled experience.

The Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House in Kardamyli awaits those of you looking for magnificence, promising to translate your stay into treasured memories.

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