Strong winds raise fire hazard level in five regions on Wednesday

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Greece and Cyprus


The combination of strong, gusty winds and high temperatures in the 35-40 Celsius range has raised the fire hazard warning to Level 4 for many parts of Greece on Wednesday.

In its daily bulletin on Tuesday, the Fire Service assigned the second-highest risk level to five regions: Attica (including the island of Kythera), Western Greece (and Achaia and Ilia in the Peloponnese particular), the Northern Aegean (with particular vigilance advised on the islands of Lesvos and Chios) and in Mainland Greece (especially Viotia, Evia, Fokida and Fthiotida).

A Level 4 warning means restrictions on things like burning plant cuttings, brush or other refuse, cooking over an open fire, smoking beehives, using machinery that produces sparks and other such activities that could accidentally start a wildfire.

Smokers should also be careful about discarding cigarette butts without putting them out.

People planning leisurely excursions or outdoor activities in areas with a high fire risk are advised to reschedule or exercise extreme caution.

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