About Us

Founder of Neaproini newspaper Fannie

NeaProini is an online digital news site and a community for the Greek diaspora and people around the world who desire unbiased news that is informative, compelling, and engaging. While the Greek population is scattered across the globe in key markets, NeaProini unites those millions of people who value their Greek heritage and homeland through a carefully curated content lens.

NeaProini visitors have always been smart, curious, and extremely engaged in news, business, politics, and culture relating to Greece, Cyprus, and the Diaspora. From the globe’s latest breaking news stories to in-depth looks at politics, business, religion, culture, travel, traditions, lifestyles and more, we go the distance to secure all relative news as well as exclusive interviews and stories with influential thought leaders.

Originally a newspaper, NeaProini, which means “A New Day” was first published in 1977 in New York City by Fannie Petallides – Holliday as Proini.  Understanding Greeks living all over the world wanted a true connection to their homeland, the paper was an instant success. Due to its aggressive approach and absolute dedication to informing and establishing the conscience of Greek communities in the USA and Canada, Proini quickly grew. With consistent coverage of the political and business challenges in Greece as well as the lives of those living in Greek communities at home and abroad, especially in New York, Boston, and Chicago, a true demand for Proini’s content was undeniable. To foster the demand, offices were quickly opened in Athens and Proini became an established must-read and a vital source of news and information for the large Greek communities in the U.S. and beyond.

By the 1980s, Proini was a household name in Greek communities around the world. In 2001, due to a change in the media landscape, Proini stopped the presses. With the understanding Proini was a revered lifeline to the global Greek community, Petallides-Holliday re-acquired the outlet and passed the torch to esteemed journalist Alexandros Stefanopoulos in 2009. As publisher, Stefanopoulos transitioned the paper to a digital format to reach an even broader audience that included not only Greece and Cyprus, but the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, and more as NeaProini.gr

Modernizing the brand and approach, the digital edition of NeaProini became known for its analytical views and probing questions regarding Greece and Cyprus.  With continued success and a faithful following, NeaProini was sold in 2023 to George Gigicos and Andrew Veniopoulos of the Dynamis Media Group. With a deep connection to their Greek heritage as well as to the global Greek diaspora, Gigicos and Veniopoulos are committed to the continuance and expansion of the dependable and thought-provoking content NeaProini is known for throughout the world. Bringing with them years of experience, George at the White House and in the political arena in both the U.S. and Greece, and Andrew with Ecumenical and Orthodox church affairs, they, and their team of carefully curated journalists, thought leaders, subject matter experts, business and political leaders, cultural experts, and more, will provide an all-encompassing and engaging news outlet for each “New Day”. NeaProini focuses on news that matters in a refreshing, fair, balanced, and professional manner.